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Helen Joy

Your Right Brain Creative Coach

“I never imagined that teaching people how to draw
would have so many benefits,”

Helen Joy has been teaching people to unlock the right side of their brain since 2003.

Her life long creative teaching journey began when she voluntarily taught about 60 kids from one of her daughters schools to draw.

Helen taught herself to draw from a book she borrowed from the library some years earlier. It didn’t take long for the parents of these kids to start asking if she could teach them too. Having no teaching degrees, Helen consulted a university to make sure it was OK for her to teach without one. She then sought permission from the author of that book *’Drawing on the Right Side of Your Brain’ by Betty Edwards, to teach her work.

“I never imagined how teaching people how to draw would have so many benefits,” said Helen. Constant feedback from her students showed the course challenges you to positively tackle any negative emotions you hold about your ability to be creative, the effect of which, for most people, is profound.

* Drawing on the Right Side of the Brain was first published in 1979. It has been translated in 13 languages and is the most widely used art text book on the planet. “I am very grateful to Betty Edwards for granting me permission to teach her work” said Helen Joy. Helen traveled to New York in 2007 and did the ‘Drawing on the Right Side of the Brain’ course with Betty Edwards’ son Brian.

Five years ago I decided to have a career change and drove buses in Brisbane for the next couple of years. After three years back on the Sunshine Coast I am still drives buses Permanent Part Time but have also set up a new training space in Maud St Maroochydore where I was planning to hold courses and free information sessions.

Now in light of the Corona Virus affecting us all, I am holding ONLINE courses and FREE information sessions via Facebook or Zoom

Right Brain Genius is an extraordinary training course devoted to developing potential through Unlocking Your Creative Right Brain.

We endeavour to make every class entertaining, challenging and rewarding.

Our learning environment is supportive and non-judgemental, allowing each student to build confidence without fear of judgement.

The course gives you the opportunity for a more enriched life where those who know you will marvel at your new-found skill.

Over the years, Helen Joy has successfully taught thousands of people how to master the art of drawing and while the focus of the workshop is on drawing, absolutely no previous art training or special talent for drawing is necessary.

Creative Coach Helen Joy helps
a student to understand perspective

During the course, you will learn how to un-lock the Right (creative) side of your brain so you can finally give the Left (analytical) side of your brain a rest

The classes are informative, inspiring and definitely life changing

A new adventure will begin the moment you enrol in Right-Brain Genius. This course is an excellent kick-starter to a multitude of many other wonderful things you can do with your life.

Relax while building confidence, finding focus and making new friends, (especially with your own right brain). As you progress through the simple techniques, you will thank yourself for the wonderful opportunity of un-locking your creativity.

A number of students begin to realize their dreams, while others simply improve on existing skills. Some notice improved co-ordination skills while others become aware of greater balance in their lives.

Engineers, Architects, Mums & Dad’s, Builders, Accountants, Professional Artists, Doctors, and Nurses, in fact people from all walks of life, young & old have and will continue to benefit in one way or another from this truly amazing course.

Helen traveled to New York in 2007 and did the ‘Drawing on the Right Side of the Brain’ course with Betty Edwards’ son Brian Bomeisler

Unlock your creative genius