Improve your Visual Perception to
Reduce your Golf Handicaps

Scientists recently did an experiment on a group of amateur golfers asking them to hit twenty 2.5 metre straight putts on a flat green. Then the golfers were put under pressure and asked to hit another 20 putts whilst being filmed for a current affairs program.

Then they were told they would receive $300 if they matched or beat their first score but would lose $100 if they did not. Their brain activity was then measured with an ECG Electroencephalograph.

The five who did best and won the $300 showed they were using both sides of their brain. But for those who failed, the left side of the brain was doing most of the work

This suggests that involving the more creative right side of the brain is crucial in getting good results when coping with stress, whether it is with golf, tennis or any other visual sport for that matter.

“Ever since doing the Right Brain Genius course, my chipping has been fantastic. I can visualise the flight of the shot and this improved component of the game has led to a reduction in my handicap”.

– Jason

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