What our Students Say

People choose to do Right Brain Genius for a multitude of reasons and are rewarded in all sorts of different ways for their efforts.

“Hi Helen. You probably won’t remember me, but I did your course in Maroochydore 3 years ago. I kept drawing although had about a year off while I moved out west to start a job. Anyway I wanted to share with you that last night I won first prize at the regional art awards in the Works on Paper category. First time in a gallery! Nice prize money too. So thanks! No one believes I couldn’t draw a straight line such a short time ago!”

Andrea Ferris

“Thank you for the wonderful Right Brain Genius course. At the commencement of the course I received some disheartening news regarding medical test results and that further tests were required. There was also a waiting period in relation to those tests. It was indeed a very difficult time, however the inspiring Right Brain Genius course was such a blessing! It was an amazing creative focus that was not only helpful but healing on so many levels. Thankyou again Helen, Love & hugs, JJ”

One of my more recent students was a 17-year-old young man by the name of Bevan. His mother phoned me explaining he had Asperger Syndrome, which is on the Autism spectrum. She asked if I would take him on to see if we could improve his confidence. I had never had anything to do with Autistic children but was happy to give him a go.

When I first met Bevan, it was difficult to understand his speech and he could only learn one thing at a time. If he was drawing, you could not explain, how to go onto the next step until he was finished. I wasn’t sure if the rest of the class could cope with the slow pace and so I invited his mother to join the course as his assistant and also learn how to draw.


“As I have Asperger Syndrome, I often get anxious and frustrated. Sometimes when I started a new lesson, I locked up and didn’t think I could do anything. Helen would talk me through and once I let go, I started to just draw and enjoy what I was doing. It gave me confidence and pride and I liked relaxing and having fun. After the lessons and drawing at home, I was able to speak clearer and say more things about what I was thinking.”

Bevan Dutton

“I never believed I could draw like an artist. I went into this course with scepticism and trepidation. After using the techniques and letting go of anything that held me back before, it is liberating to experience drawing, then to see my finished work. The right brain process is also something that is useful in other areas of my life where I can let go and see things differently”

Kareen Dutton

Before my Right Brain Genius was given her head, I truly thought I could not draw. Now I know I can. And now I believe I can do anything I put my mind to. In the process of overcoming the fear that my artwork would not be ‘good enough’, I have also begun to minimize my panic attacks and social anxiousness, and have been able to substantially reduce my anti-depressant medication. Thank you for this healing opportunity Helen Joy. Your mother named you well. Kindest regards,

Robyn Ellen

After being in a pressure and performance world of finance for so many years, I wanted “a life” So out one day shopping in a bookstore, I saw a leaflet advertising a “Drawing Course.” This could be some light fun, I remember saying to myself and enrolled. Soon after attending the drawing course, I began the paint and draw. It felt like the heavens had opened up and I was so alive inside and could feel and see nature again from the same place I had experienced throughout my childhood.

I welcome you to share in my world of Eclectic Art where I capture the essence and spirit found in natures’ many different forms. The colour and creative flair will inspire within you also the beauty and wonder of a world “what stands and breathes beside us” ~ a silent place called Nature.

Aprille McHenry

And here’s what others had to say

“Right Brain Genius opened a new appreciation of the spirit and form of so many simple objects, creatures and plants. It is wonderful”.

“Hugely therapeutic – Great me time!!!”

“Absolutely inspiring. I would never have believed I could draw but now I have the artwork to prove it! Thanks heaps Helen Joy.”

“I learned to see things differently all of the time, not just in the classroom”

“The course challenged the emotions but developed my ability to draw and let go of negative emotions toward my ability”

“By learning how to tap into the right mode of your brain, your left-brain is forced to catch up. This manifests in better concentration and organizational skills”.

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