Your invited to an ONLINE

information session

Open to ages 9-99

No talent required

With so many people having to self isolate, I will be holding  Information sessions live via private Facebook groups to explain the theory and importance of unlocking your

Right Brain

Learning to draw is an enjoyably challenging Right Brain skill and when we unlock our Right Brain we

Sleep Better – Are more happy – Help ourselves prevent Dementia – Think more creatively –

+ Heaps of other awesome benefits

In the 1-hour information session you will learn:

About your brain, who else in the world promotes Right Brain activity and WHY it is so important to use both sides of your brain together in


The session will challenge your dominating left brain but also awaken or unlock your happy right brain.

Use it or lose it, right?

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Thursday 26th March 2020



Friday 27th March 2020

1:30 to 2:30pm

or call or text Helen Joy on 0408 249 545

5 & 8-week online courses

Online classes are live and limited to 10 people only per course.

Once a deposit is paid, you will be invited into the group and you can either collect or be sent your

Art Pack which includes every thing you will need for the 5-week course.

Next courses commence:

Monday 20th April



Tuesday 21st April

12:30 to 2:30pm

5-week course $250

Ask how you can save $50

Once upon a time Right Brain Genius was only an 8-week course. That was until the GFC and other worldly events that changed the structure to 5 or 8-week courses.

The first five weeks gives you all the skills required to draw, know what it feels like to be working in your right brain and enjoying the benefits of doing so.

8-week course $400

Ask how you can save $60

The last three lessons give you additional information about drawing portraits, colour and using your imagination.

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Right Brain Genius is an extraordinary training course devoted to developing creative potential through Unlocking Your Right Brain.

Unlocking your right brain through drawing is akin to active meditation, mindfulness and overall brain fitness.

This course can improve stress levels, anxiety, depression, fear, doubt and limiting beliefs.

Our learning environment is supportive and non-judgmental, allowing each student to build confidence without fear of judgement.

The course gives you the opportunity for a more enriched life where those who know you will marvel at your new-found skill.

Over the years, Helen Joy has successfully taught thousands of people how to master the art of drawing and while the focus of the workshop is on drawing,

absolutely no previous art training or special talent

for drawing is necessary

It always sounds better when coming from someone else.

Thank you Charlotte for giving me the opportunity to show you and your daughter Jen how life changing Right Brain Genius can be. Hope to meet you again soon